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Curriculum Guide & Full-Featured DVD

Now Available!

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Lost Nation: The Ioway DVD & Curriculum Guide

(Lost Nation: The Ioway, 56:40 plus over two hours of additional features)

The Lost Nation: The Ioway DVD includes the one-hour film, a 10-minute version for young children, and 2-hours of bonus features

The package includes the DVD, Curriculum Guide, and a Public Performance License

Goals and Objectives Meet Iowa State Standards

Created for teachers by upper elementary teachers
Kathy Jensen & Alice Kurtz

A companion to the Lost Nation: The Ioway movie DVD, this new Curriculum Guide is a necessity for educators, schools, and library media centers.

  • Aimed at grades 4-8

  • Social Studies, Language Arts, and Reading

  • Featured themes include storytelling and culture

  • Skills include storywriting, research, and visual literacy

  • Appendices include maps, centers, vocabulary, and a bibliography

(from the Ioway DVD Curriculum Guide)

Did you know that the State of Iowa was named for the Ioway Indians? Iowa does not mean "beautiful land", but more likely means those who separated.

This is one of the accuate and interesting facts that you and your students will encounter as you view and use the film, Lost Nation: The Ioway.  Not only will the students learn about the past, present and future of the Ioway people, but also they will learn about the role of archaeology in discovering the past.

The film and the Curriculum Guide depict Ioway tribal history.  Two themes of the film are highlighted in the curriculum: storytelling and culture.  These themes offer a variety of reading and social studies instruction woven into a study of Native American history for upper elementary students.  The story of the Ioway is the model used throughout the curriculum.

The materials integrate reading, social studies and language arts for students grades 4th-8th.  Goals and objectives meet Iowa state standards.  Important background information will assist the teacher in creating rich lessons and aid in understanding the complex story of the Ioway tribe.

Appendices provide: maps, center activities, vocabulary, stories for modeling, and a complete bibliography of children's books and electronic resources.  Skills and strategies include: summarizing, retelling, note taking from print material and film, writing stories, non-fiction research, visual literacy, map skills, and presentation skills.  Embedded assessments and self-evaluations are provided.

The film covers the topics of American History, Native American History and Culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, and Language preservation through interviews with Native descendents telling their stories. 

The film is divided into three parts.  The first part tells the complex story of loss of a homeland and culture.  Part two offers a look at life among the Ioway Indians for young children.   Part three provides special features including a segment on storytelling, which can be used as an introduction to the storytelling curriculum.

It is our wish that students who see the film will understand the story of the Ioway tribe, develop an appreciation for the past, and value the importance of preserving their culture.

Quotes from an elementary school Teacher:

"As an Iowa History and fifth/sixth grade social studies teacher, the DVD entitled Lost Nation: The Ioway was a perfect fit for my sixth grade classes.  As we watched the DVD in parts over a week's time, the students and I discussed how many aspects of social studies were incorporated in this project.  We quickly identified the themes of location, region, movement, and human-environment interaction.  This dramatic story of displacement also sparked a lively discussion about perspective and human rights. Several students commented that this was the first time they had seen Native Americans portrayed as people living today, not just as a part of our American history.  

Our class was also fortunate to have the Rundles visit our classroom to extend our learning in this area. Their presentation was interesting and inspiring from both the historical perspective and the career education angle.  The Rundles brought artifacts and shared the process involved in researching and creating this project.  I would highly recommend both the DVD and the guest speakers to teachers of social studies."

Donna Boots
Fifth/Sixth Grade Teacher
North Mahaska Elementary School
New Sharon, IA 50207

Quotes from elementary school Students:

"I think the history behind a person's family is important because it's part of what makes you.   Watching the movie made me realize that." -V

"I liked the maps and replicas in the movie.  It was cool to see what kind of home they lived in.   I also liked getting an Ioway's point of view." -M

"First I thought being a Native American was boring, and when I watched the movie I thought being Native American was AWESOME!" -S

"I'm going to do more to carry on my own culture.  I will also take care of nature and the earth more!" -B

"I felt like the importance of the Iowa Tribe was recognized and made clear.  It also made me want to learn more about the Ioway." -E

"The film made me sad because so many people forgot about such an interesting tribe.  I am glad that now more people know about the Ioway." -A

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Phone:  309 . 797 . 0544

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Buy your copy of the Ioway movie poster today! "Lost Nation: The Ioway"
Curriculum Guide

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  • Full-featured Ioway Documentary DVD
  • Curriculum Guide
  • Public Performance License

Purchase orders are excepted, and additional ordering options are available according to your school's needs.   Discounts are available for the purchase of multiple copies.

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Ioway DVD &
Curriculum Guide
$125.00 (including shipping)


Buy the Poster!

Buy your copy of the Ioway movie poster today! "Lost Nation: The Ioway" Poster

These handsome full color 18" x 24" posters feature Ioway leaders Great Walker (left) and White Cloud as painted by Charles Bird King.  Both wanted their people to survive the great changes that were coming upon their people, but they disagreed on how best to achieve that goal.

The posters are $8.00 each including shipping.  Write to us if you want to order more than one via PayPal and we will e.mail you an invoice.  We will combine shipping.  Proceeds from poster sales will assist in the completion of the documentary and the creation of the DVD version of "Lost Nation: The Ioway."

24" x 36" posters are also available at a substantially higher price. e.mail for details.

Ioway Movie Poster (18" x 24")
$8.00 (including shipping)


To order multiple posters via PayPal, please e.mail us with the number you would like to order, and we will send you a PayPal invoice.  Shipping will be combined as detailed below.

To order by mail, send $8.00 including shipping to:

Fourth Wall Films
PO Box 702
Moline, IL 61265

To order more than one poster by mail, send $5.00 for each poster plus an additional $3.00 for combined postage.  $3.00 will cover the shipping for your entire multiple poster order.

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